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  • Posted by Mike Cecchini

Half of New Home Buyers Want an Energy-Efficient Home

Consumer housing trends report finds 50% of new homes buyers want an energy-efficient home.

The Zillow Group’s Consumer Housing Trends Report 2017 recently asked more than 13,000 households about what features they want most in their homes. The report includes a listing of the top ten features that buyers of new homes buyers want most.

Ranked #10 is an energy efficient home. Zillow reports that 50% of new home buyers want an energy efficient home.

This demand for energy efficient homes is good news for the HERS industry. The HERS Index will grow in demand as consumers seek more information on energy efficiency when shopping for a new home. They will seek the HERS Index Score in the same fashion as the MPG sticker for an automobile.

Zilllow’s Top Ten Features New Construction Buyers Really Want are:

  1. A home must have must have the preferred number of bedrooms (71%)

  2. A home must have air conditioning (71%)

  3. A floor plan or layout they want (65%)

  4. A home within their initial price range (66%)

  5. A home must have the preferred number of bathrooms (65%)

  6. A home must have the specific size or square footage (57%)

  7. A home must have their favorite kitchen style (57%)

  8. A home must have private outdoor space, such as a patio or deck (56%)

  9. A home must have their preferred finishes, such as flooring and cabinetry (54%)

  10. A home must be energy efficient (50%)

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