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ECOterra Design-Build - Home Building with Sustainable Renewables that are Environmentally Friendly

Sustainability, Renewables and the Environment


Energy-efficiency, renewable materials and conservation of the environment are the cornerstones of ECOterra’s home building philosophy.

Having the privilege of developing energy-efficient, green homes and communities from the ground up and making them sustainable for years to come is what we love doing and what we are all about.

For homebuilders who practice it, building green is the ultimate way we can contribute to helping protect our fragile environment. Using renewable resources wherever possible takes some pressure off our finite resources and has the added benefit of giving you a more comfortable, healthy and efficient home.

How exactly do we integrate our energy-efficiency mantra into building your home?

After analyzing how you use energy in your current home, we model and translate that usage into the most energy-efficient home design fitting your lifestyle. Our strategies include the selection of innovative lighting, appliances and heating and cooling modes plus much more to achieve the least environmental impact while creating a home you will cherish at the same time.

ECOterra Custom Homes - Energy-Efficient Radiant Floor Heating
ECOterra Design-Build - Energy-Efficient Foam Insulation
ECOterra Custom Homes - Energy-Efficient Solar Collectors
ECOterra Custom Homes - Energy-Efficient LED Lighting
ECOterra Design-Build Energy-Efficient Custom Homes
ECOterra Custom Homes - Thermal Imaging for Energy-Effiiency

At ECOterra DESIGN-BUILD, we utilize all practices that reduce the negative impact of construction to create homes that are healthier and extremely efficient in their energy consumption.

We are fully dedicated to minimizing waste in all steps of our building process. Here are some of the processes we incorporate into building your home:

  • Helping you understand energy-efficiency ratings systems and showing you how to take advantage of both federal and state tax incentives.

  • Using as many renewable resources as we possibly can
  • Using engineered wood products for less environmental impact

  • Using high quality doors and double or triple glazed windows to add comfort by minimizing drafts

  • Using insulation and  moisture barrier building wrap

  • Using recycled low- or no-VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) materials, which additionally gives you the best air quality in your home due to no off-gassing

  • Spray-in, high-density foam insulation

  • Using efficient radiant, under-floor heating and heat pump cooling

  • Using photovoltaic solar collection to offset your electricity costs

  • Guiding our customers in choosing the most energy-efficient appliances, lighting and heating/cooling modes

  • Using LED bulbs

  • Using rainwater harvesting and underground storage cisterns for watering xeric landscaping or for gray-water systems

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