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ECOterra Design-Build - Custom green homes

Starting the Process of Designing Your Custom Home

Let’s Get Going!
Once you have chosen ECOterra DESIGN-BUILD as your custom home builder, it is time for us to learn all about you! We want to review and discuss what is most important to you and your family in your new home.
We will provide you with a comprehensive design questionnaire to complete.
Here are some of the subjects covered in the questionnaire that you will need to consider and ultimately make decisions about:

Style of Home Exterior

Exterior Finish

Roofing Material

Window Trim

ECOterra custom home-building decisions - home exterior, roofing materials, exterior finishes, window trims

Square Footage of Home

Single Story?

Two Story?

ECOterra custom home-building decisions - square footage of house, how many stories

Room Delineation + Flow

Foyer | Living Room

Family Room | Great Room

Kitchen | Dining Room, etc.

ECOterra custom home-building decisions - room delineation and flow

Room Styles + Treatments

Fireplaces | Ceiling Treatments

Window Treatments

Floors | Lighting

ECOterra custom home-building decisions - styles & treatments: colors, floors, ceilings, lighting, window, fireplaces


Shape | Size | Appliances Style

Kitchen Island?

Cabinet Style + Finishes

ECOterra custom home-building decisions - kitchen optios: appliances, cabinetry, finishes

Dining Room

Shape | Size

Lighting Fixtures



Window Treatments

ECOterra custom home-building decisions - dining room options: flooring, lighting fixtures

Master Bedroom

Shape | Size




Master Closet


Sitting Area

Ceiling & Floor Treatments

ECOterra custom home-building decisions - master bedroom options

Master Bathroom

Shape | Size


Vanity Area

Fixtures | Shower


Soaking Tub

ECOterra custom home-building decisions - master bathroom options

Additional Bedrooms

Quantity | Sizes | Configurations

Closets | Bathrooms

ECOterra custom home-building decisions - additional bedroom configuration

Additional Bathrooms

Quantity | Sizes | Styles | Fixtures

Showers | Bathtubs

ECOterra custom home-building decisions - additional bathroom configuration

Additional Rooms, Spaces

Laundry Room | Utility Room | Closets

Garage Size and Configuration

ECOterra custom home-building decisions - garages, utility room, closets

Outdoor Spaces

Patios | Courtyards | Pool | Landscaping

Gardens | Pathways | Sidewalks | Pavers

ECOterra custom home-building decisions - patios, gardens, landscaping, pavers


Solar Collectors | Passive Solar

Build Green | Energy-Efficiency Features

ECOterra-installed passive solar panels for generating energy-efficiency

Water Conservation

Water Collection | Water Storage


ECOterra Design-Build, green home water conservation

Other Features

Home Automation | Home Security

NM Energy Tax Credits

ECOterra custom home energy automation for efficiency

Your Budget

ECOterra Design-Build - The value of building a green, energy-saving home

We encourage you

to start to gather “inspiration” images of styles, treatments, finishes, etc. you may want to incorporate into your home. You can start a physical scrapbook or use a free digital image- collection website like Houzz or Pinterest.

  • Houzz
  • Pinterest

Once your questionnaire is complete, ECOterra will meet with you to review your questionnaire and images in detail.

When the initial design meeting between you and ECOterra has been completed, we will use your feedback to prepare an initial draft of the home shape and proposed floor plan. In this first draft, we take into consideration the placement of the home on the lot, the home’s orientation in relation to the sun (to optimize solar efficiency) and any views from the lot.

Upon agreement of the home shape and floor plan, ECOterra begins the architectural drawings. This starts an iterative process of you providing feedback to ECOterra so that we can  fine-tune the floor plan, features and elevations until you are happy.

ECOterra Design-Build - custom home design schematic

If you are a client relocating from out of the area, ECOterra will work with you on home design via ZOOM, email and phone calls.

The ECOterra design phase can take approximately two to four months.


Read more about ECOterra DESIGN-BUILD:

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