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ECOterra Design-Build - Custom Home Building with Water Conservation and Xeriscaping Built In

Water Conservation and Xeriscaping in Homebuilding


Helping conserve the natural resources of our planet, especially water, is one of our highest priorities at ECOterra.

Because New Mexico has significant water challenges, rainwater harvesting can contribute greatly to the conservation of this precious, natural resource. Conserving water in the desert is really a no-brainer. ECOterra practices water-conserving measures through xeriscaping (using native, drought-tolerant plants), rain water catchment and water storage.

Rainwater can be easily collected then routed directly into landscaping or stored in underground cisterns for use when conditions require it.

ECOterra Design-Build Custom Homes - Water Conservation - Cistern

The water can be then be used for gray-water systems, for watering your xeric landscaping or for many other things.

ECOterra Design-Build Custom Homes - Water Conservation
ECOterra Design-Build Custom Homes - Water Conservation and Xeriscaping

At ECOterra, we strongly encourage water conservation and we use every available water-saving protocol that a client would like incorporated into their home.

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