Why We Do It

ECOterra Energy Consulting Company has a purpose that comes from the basic premise of EFFICIENCY.

We believe that EFFICIENCY is the basis for many key operational issues. Risk Mitigation, Client Retention, Saving Money, Energy and     resources all go hand in hand.

At ECOterra we take a holistic approach to facilities and how they operate in order to deliver those EFFICIENCIES which result in SAVINGS to the owner.

With buildings accounting for almost 50% of the energy consumptionin the US, EFFICIENCY AND SAVINGS seems like a great place to start.

We are a dedicated team of professionals that want to make an impact on energy use and energy generation today with tomorrow in mind. Everything we do has primary, secondary and in some cases tertiary benefits to facility owners. This all sounds great until you put a cost to it. When you do and consider the short and long term benefits, it gets even better. We evaluate each project with the intent on finding SAVINGS. These EFFICIENCY opportunities help to reduce the costs of facility upgrades, while improving comfort and efficiency and increasing net operating income and your building’s value. 

In today’s world, we all have our hands full. “Doing more with less” is the new business mantra. And at some point in time, priorities get in the way and some things get put off or forgotten. The fact of the matter is that every day you delay the analysis and implementation of energy savings measures, you are loosing out on potential savings which would go right to your bottom line. Hundreds of dollars a week, Thousands a month and millions over the life of a building are lost to inefficiencies. 

“If its not broke don’t fix it” is another comment we hear from our customers. The issue is according to ASHRAE 8 out of 10 buildings are not operating as they were designed to do, even after one year of operation. A few simple steps could save as much as 15% on your energy bill and with more indepth work, savings could reach as much as 50%. 

Depending on the type of building and its location, the 30 year lifecycle cost of a building could be as much as eight times the initial cost to construct. These costs include service, operations, maintenance and replacement costs. 

So why don’t we pay more attention to these costs? 

That's what ECOterra  does!


Our goals are to protect your property’s value, reduce your energy use, lowering maintenance costs, keeping tenants and employees healthy and productive, improve the environment and enhancing your bottom line.